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growing up in new england, wendy began her studies at danforth museum of art + continued creating artwork throughout her undergraduate career at roger williams university (bfa art, psychology + american studies). she has been drawn to color theory + experimenting with different techniques, ranging from watercolor, charcoal, pastel, acrylics, to photography.  she more recently received a web + graphic design certification from the art institute of new england. her popular monochromatic pieces are uniquely textured, giving them a landscape effect.  her works have been selected for hotel collections, fine art auctionS, showrooms + gallery shows, as well as over a hundred private collections.

shapirodesigns studio is a new innovative and sustainable art studio. While most art galleries offer premade pieces of art, at shapirodesigns gallery clients have the opportunity to customize each piece of artwork, offering an interactive art experience. While the colors and canvas sizes available on-site are preselected to make client decisions easier and allow for timely delivery, custom colors and sizes can also be selected to match any design scheme.

wendy’s silent auctions at preselected residences throughout boston, give wendy the opportunity to give back by allowing residence to select their charity of choice and helps fundraise through art donations.

wendy’s inspiration comes from the places she has been + how the landscape has affected her; coastal living with industrial concrete intertwined. her work reflects a roughness + a hidden metallic quality among the calming sea. the jagged east coast + its horizons have been imprinted in her mind + are ever changing with each journey.

wendy's latest textured acrylics are prime examples of sustainability in art.  these eco-friendly works are layers of horizons, clouds, + soft sea storms. being environmentally conscious has always been an important aspect of wendy’s art. she continues this practice by using greenguard gold certified (for low chemical emissions ul 2818) acrylic paint. wendy hopes the viewer takes a moment to imagine taking a step into each piece + to visualize what the infinite horizon is today + in the future.

Collaborative works with brazilian artist Raquel Fornasaro: Combining their optimism and natural concern for the future, Fornasaro + Shapiro create eerie delicate landscapes that draw the viewers through an unconventional and multilayered experience. A moment for meditation on our current actions and positions. Each piece opens up the opportunity to reflect on the ephemerality of our lives, sparking a conversation about the impact of technology and how we will use it to shape this world.


contact: info@shapirodesigns.com